Acton-Boxborough Resources

Acton-Boxborough Special Education Parent Advisory Council (ABSPEDPAC) Website

Acton-Boxborough SPEDPAC has developed a website specifically for the benefit of families with children with special needs of all ages. You will find valuable information about: 
 Who's Who in Special Education in Acton and Boxborough
 Special Education Law, both federal and state
 Links to a variety of local resources
 Calendar of important upcoming events
 How to get more involved with the PAC

Visit the site today, add your email to the list, and join the SPEDPAC community of Acton and Boxborough families with children with special needs. You will get regular emails with current information about future meetings and workshops and other important information. Join now! For more information, please contact Francesca Ricciardi (978-266-9708) or Stephen Lowe (978-263-9725). 

Acton-Boxborough Student Activities Fund (ABSAF)

In the beginning of each school year the Acton-Boxborough Student Activities Fund (ABSAF) kicks off its fundraising campaign. The mail appeal is addressed to all residents of Acton and Boxborough and seeks to raise funds to support extracurricular programs at the regional schools. Members of the ABSAF board believe that extracurricular activities help to develop well-rounded children with healthy self-esteem. The range of activities at our junior high and high school is impressive as is the fact that over 85% of our students participate in these activities. Whether students are interested in music, sports, academic teams, theater, speech and debate, or community service, there are many wonderful programs that provide constructive and creative outlets for them. 

Supporting a broad range of extracurricular activities is a challenge for us all, particularly when school finances are under pressure forcing come communities to completely eliminate extracurricular programs. Although taxes, gate receipts, and activity fees help to fund these programs, revenue from these sources is not enough to cover the total cost. ABSAF was founded in 1981 to help bridge the gap. Since that time, the organization has been making a significant difference in the number and quality of extracurricular activities at the Acton-Boxborough regional schools. 

Please see the ABSAF website for details on how to make donations and receive an ABSAF family pass which entitles you to most home extracurricular events sponsored by the regional schools as well as two tickets to the school plays/musicals at the junior high and the high school for the upcoming school year! If you have questions about ABSAF, please contact Please help to keep the extracurricular activities at the regional schools strong and vibrant. Thank you!

Acton-Boxborough Alumni Association 

This new organization is looking for Steering Committee members to help process the responses to our recent mailing to ABRHS alumni. For more info, visit their website

Acton-Boxborough Science Coalition: Parent Involvement Project (PIP)

Acton-Boxborough PIP STEM is a group of parents, educators, and community partners working together to offer Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) educational activities for students K-12 and their families. Want to find out about upcoming AB PIP STEM activities? Visit Acton-Boxborough PIP STEM and join the A-B PIP STEM E-Loop

Free Driver Education Help

A free online driver education service is now available through the library's partnership with The program includes practice tests that are based on the Massachusetts Registry of Motor vehicles materials, including 11 car practice tests, 9 motorcycle practice tests, 12 CDL (commercial driver's license) practice tests and online driver's manuals for car, motorcycle, and CDL. In addition, there's a FAQ section with detailed answers to over 100 DMV-related questions.
To access the free program visit:, or the library's E-Resources page. No registration is required.


  • 2010 PTSO Forum, The PCR Process. Read the slides from the February 24 PTSO Forum describing the Pupil Course Request (PCR) Process. Information includes: common AB Myths, Graduation Requirements, Schedules, Balance, and a Glossary.