Welcome to the PTSO!
The PTSO (Parent Teacher Student Organization) includes representatives from both the Acton-Boxborough Regional High School and RJ Grey Junior High School. Our mission is to serve the schools in the following ways:

Communication ─ We interact directly with the home, school, school committee and community through email newsletters
  • Sign up for the Junior High & High School Weekly Chatter, that tell you everything you need to know about the upcoming school week with a separate edition for each school
  • Sign up for Grey Matters, Junior High Principal Shen’s weekly newsletter
  • Update your Email Profile
Financial Support ─ We support programs, projects, field trips, Freshmen Orientation, grants to the Jr. High and High Schools, student scholarships and student directories.
Speaker Forums ─ Our annual speaker series provides forums for students, parents, faculty and the community. The ABRPTSO works closely with the school administration and other community organizations to identify topics of most interest and relevance to our community.
INTERFACE Referral Service ─ this mental-health and wellness referral help line connects people of all ages to mental health providers. Due to our contract with INTERFACE, the service is free to Acton and Boxborough residents. More information is available here.

Kavitha Manikandan and Susan He

ABRHS Principal's Blog

ABRHS Principal JoAnn Campbell shares her thoughts and information about the high school through her blog, Principal Thoughts.
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Rebound: The Chris Herren Story: February 13 @ 7:00pm

Please join our sponsors Acton-Boxborough United Way, Acton-Boxborough Regional PTSO, Danny's Place Youth Services, and the Acton Health Department as we welcome former NBA player Chris Herren to the ABRSD Family Learning Series.
Chris will tell of his descent into addiction, miraculous recovery, and new life mission: to share his story in the hopes of reaching at least one person and making a difference in his or her life.
This event will take place at 7:00pm in the ABRHS Auditorium. Refreshments will follow immediately, sponsored by Metrowest Behavioral Health Center and featuring treats by Bisousweets Confections.
Audience: Grades 6-12 parents/guardians and students ages 13 and up

Acton-Boxborough PIP STEM Needs You!

Acton-Boxborough (AB) Parent Involvement Project (PIP) provides K-12 educational enrichment in Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) in Acton and Boxborough, Massachusetts. We host popular annual STEM events such as Market Math and the Star Party, offer STEM resources on our website and at local libraries, support STEM community projects, and partner with other STEM groups.
AB PIP STEM welcomes parent volunteers and student volunteers. Student volunteers may qualify for community service credit and the chance to win an AB PIP STEM ScholarshipWe are particularly short on adult volunteers who are willing to take on leadership roles in organizing our many popular STEM events. DiscoverSTEM 2017 is fast approaching --- please help us continue to offer STEM exposure and mentors to youth in our community by offering your support. 
To volunteer or find out more, email us at actonpip@gmail.com, visit actonpip.org,or attend a monthly meeting.

PTSO Gets it Done

The PTSO is the Parent Teacher Student Organization. Our work provides evidence of our important and successful community collaboration to enrich, encourage, support, thank, and applaud.  Every teacher appreciation lunch, freshmen orientation pizza and ice cream event, informative guest speaker forum, graduating senior scholarship, mid-year and final exam survival snack gift, Chatter newsletter, and every donation to support ABRHS and RJ Grey's various annual needs such as furniture, agenda books for all incoming 7th grade students, and Project Graduation - everything we do tells the students and the school administration that Acton Boxborough parents and guardians care.  We care enough to pitch in and be part of the formula that makes the academic experience as positive as it can be.  As we start the second half of the school year, we want to thank all of our members whose donations have made our programs possible. We couldn't do any of this without you.

For information about the PTSO go to abrptso.abschools.org
- Eileen Matarese and Martha Papalia, ABRPTSO membership co-chairs

Across the Board

Across the Board: Life at ABRHS is the school's news website containing write-ups and photos of some of the many school activities. Click here to see the January 2017 page.

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ABRHS Weekly Chatter - Feb 12, 2017

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