Welcome to the PTSO!
The PTSO (Parent Teacher Student Organization) includes representatives from both the Acton-Boxborough Regional High School and RJ Grey Junior High School. Our mission is to serve the schools in the following ways:

Communication ─ We interact directly with the home, school, school committee and community through email newsletters
  • Sign up for the Junior High & High School Weekly Chatter, that tell you everything you need to know about the upcoming school week with a separate edition for each school
  • Sign up for Grey Matters, Junior High Principal Shen’s weekly newsletter
  • Update your Email Profile
Financial Support ─ Your donations provide students with extended afternoon library staffing, Agendas & folders for all 900 RJG students, Wellness Initiatives, Window Seat, Student Leadership Conferences, Career Speakers/Author Visits, Senior Scholarships, Freshman Orientation and Student Directories. 
Speaker Forums ─ Our annual speaker series provides forums for students, parents, faculty and the community. The ABRPTSO works closely with the school administration and other community organizations to identify topics of most interest and relevance to our community.
INTERFACE Referral Service ─ this mental-health and wellness referral help line connects people of all ages to mental health providers. Due to our contract with INTERFACE, the service is free to Acton and Boxborough residents. More information is available here.

Deanne O'Sullivan

Calendar of Events

  • March 16 - May 4 - All schools closed

Course Scheduling for 2020-2021

The following adjusted guidelines for 2020-21 course scheduling provide students with additional time to complete the course selection and override process. We recognize that there may be a need for additional flexibility in the coming weeks.  Students should email their counselor with any questions or concerns or for assistance in completing their course selections.
Course Selection Timeline Extended
The parent portal is currently open for all students in grades 9-11 to select courses for next year.  We encourage students to go on-line to make a preliminary selection of their courses if they have not already done so.  The parent portal will remain open until March 27th.   Students may go in multiple times to make changes to course selections until this closing date.  After this date, students can email their counselor to request changes. 
Course Overrides
Students wishing to request an override to a recommended course should begin by selecting the recommended course on the parent portal.  Between March 23rd and April 3rd, students will have access to an on-line override request form on the high school website.  Students and their parent/guardian will complete and submit the request form which will initiate a review process involving the student's counselor, current teacher, and the high school department leader.  Final decisions regarding override requests will be made by the department leader and communicated to families.  Parents or guardians may be contacted by the school for a phone meeting to discuss the override request.

Project Graduation 2020: Easy Ways to Help From Home

Here are two ways that you can help local businesses and Project Graduation from home! Each year at the all-night substance-free celebration on graduation night, we hand out gift cards as prizes all night long--and the kids LOVE it. Won't you please pick up a gift card for $10, $15, or $20 to donate? It's especially important to help our local businesses right now! Here are some ideas for what the grads will really use: food (Bueno Y Sano, DiCapri, New London Style Pizza, Not Your Average Joe's, Oscar's Burritos, Sorrento's, Subway, TC Lando's); treats (West Side Creamery); services (Acton Car Wash, our many nail salons); coffee (Acton Coffee House, Blackbird Cafe, Dunkin', Legend Cafe, Starbucks) and entertainment (MetroRock, O'Neil Cinemas, Silver Unicorn). Click here to tell us about the gift cards you can donate and whether you can drop them off or you need us to pick them up. Thanks!
And speaking of gift cards, you can pre-order Roche Bros. gift cards now through April 2, 2020 for our fundraiser that takes place April 9. Use this handy order form. We will send you a confirmation email when we receive your order. You can use the gift cards any day, and they do not expire. 
Follow us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter. Visit our website at abprojectgrad.org.

New - Food Pantry Outpost

The Counseling Center is pleased to announce that they have developed a partnership with the Acton Food Pantry and Dignity Matters
Starting in the month of March, there will be a discreet food pantry outpost in the Counseling Center available for any student that may have a need for food or personal care item assistance. Students will be able to access the outpost confidentially with support from the Counseling Department.  Bags will be available to bring food and personal care items home. We hope to expand the outpost to include school supplies shortly. Of course, all information and participation will be held in strict confidence
It is our hope that this partnership will be helpful for those in need. For more information on the food pantry outpost please contact Lindsay Rosenman or Elizabeth Warren in the Counseling Center.

Wondering About Access to Mental Health Services?

INTERFACE Referral Service is a mental health resource and referral Helpline that helps children, adults and families, in subscribing communities, become connected with mental health and wellness resources. INTERFACE Referral Service looks forward to continuing to help residents of Acton & Boxborough find a successful match with an outpatient mental health provider in their area, who is able to see them at a convenient time, takes their insurance or meets their fee requirement, as well as meets their clinical needs. Please call the William James College INTERFACE Helpline at 617-332-3666 Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm, for resource information and/or provider referrals from a mental health professional. Please also review the very extensive website at http://interface.williamjames.edu for additional information about the service, as well as resources on mental health and wellness across the lifespan.

What's Going on at A-B?

AB Snapshots is a site with photos and descriptions of some of the current events and activities at A-B, month by month. Use the link above to access the site now, or use the link on the ABRHS home page any time.

Counseling Department Communications

What else is going on at A-B?
For photos and news briefs about goings on at Acton-Boxborough, check out AB Snapshots  
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ABRPTSO Meetings

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