ABRPTSO Board (2016-17)

Co-Chairs Guixin (Susan) He
Kavitha Manikandan
Secretary Shubhangi Shastri
Treasurer Anita Tang anita.hc.tang@gmail.com
Directories Lori Fassman
Lisa Pearson
Gardening Christina Haufler thehauflers@aol.com
Sytske Campbell sytske.campbell@gmail.com
Communications Tina Hamilton
Newcomer Welcome (JH) Marisa Olson molson6@verizon.net
Volunteer Coordinators Stacy Harris (HS) askquixote@verizon.net
Tina Hamilton (JH)
Interschool Council Pam Alcaide pam.alcaide@comcast.net
Ranjini Reddy
School Committee Liaison Zuzka Blasi beezok@hotmail.com
Pam Saarinen pasaarinen@msn.com
Marni Kaplan-Earle marni.ke@verizon.net
Elizabeth Green greenstar6@verizon.net
Lisa Klein Pearo
Nisreen Harianawala
Membership Eileen Matarese mrsematta@verizon.net
Martha Papalia papaliamartha@gmail.com
Nominations Padmini Narayan
Hospitality HS teacher appreciation lunch

Deanne O’Sullivan dosullivan@abschools.org
Kathy McCullen akmccullen@gmail.com
Tina Connors (JH)
JH teacher appreciation lunch

Kate Imhoff katianne46@gmail.com
Elizabeth Bruce
Forums Susan Lerner sammyabe@aol.com
HS Principal JoAnn Campbell, Ed.D. jcampbell@abschools.org
JH Principal Andrew Shen ashen@abschools.org
Saturday Night Activities
Maureen Ryan-Friend
Webmaster Padmini Narayan pnar98@yahoo.com

ABRPTSO Charter 

The Regional PTSO includes parent representatives from the Acton-Boxborough Regional High School and R.J Grey Junior High School. Board members from both schools sponsor monthly meetings featuring a speaker from the school system, updates from both principals, and general discussion. We advertise these open meetings via email. Board members are elected for one year terms in May.

PTSO Bylaws

The ABRPTSO is set up as a 501(c)(3). See the 2016 PTSO Bylaws. Membership includes all JHS and HS parents/guardians of students, all JHS and HS faculty/administrators/staff, and all JHS and HS students.


The officers are a Chairperson (or Co-chairs), First Vice-Chair from the JHS, a Secretary, and a Treasurer. The Steering Committee/Board of Directors includes the above officers, the JHS and HS principals and faculty representatives, and the chairpersons of the following: Project Graduation, School Choice, Nomination, Inter-School Council Rep, Fundraising, Enrichment (Adult/Student), Financial Liaison, Student Representative, Volunteer Coordinator, and Membership. 

In February, the Steering Committee/Board (above) will appoint a Nominating Committee (of 5 people) who will nominate members for next year's board. The Nominating Committee will publicly solicit candidates and then report these names at the meeting preceding the election (late April). Prior to elections, a list of final nominees will go to all PTSO members for their consideration. Election of the new board will take place not later than May 31. Officers and Board Members assume office on July 1st and serve for the fiscal year. 


The Steering Committee will also appoint a Budget Committee. The Budget Committee will consist of the present treasurer, 3 members at large, one member of the Steering Committee, and the Chairperson, ex officio.

A minimum balance as determined necessary by the Board shall be maintained at all times. All moneys in excess of that minimum shall be spent within 2 years time. 

Non-budgeted expenditures under $100 shall be approved by the Chairperson. Those over $100 shall be approved by the Steering Committee. 

The Board may vote at any monthly meeting to reallocate funds within the operating budget (not to total more than 5% of the annual budget). Those over 5% require information to be provided to the PTSO membership one month prior to the vote or reallocation.


The PTSO meets each month, with an annual business meeting, usually in May. The purpose of the May meeting is to elect officers and committee chairs, and approve the budget. 

Fifty percent of the Board members' present constitute a quorum at a Board meeting. Twenty-five percent PTSO members' constitute a quorum at a regular General Meeting.