Welcome to the PTSO!
The PTSO (Parent Teacher Student Organization) includes representatives from both the Acton-Boxborough Regional High School and RJ Grey Junior High School. Our mission is to serve the schools in the following ways:

Communication ─ We interact directly with the home, school, school committee and community through email newsletters
  • Sign up for the Junior High & High School Weekly Chatter, that tell you everything you need to know about the upcoming school week with a separate edition for each school
  • Sign up for Grey Matters, Junior High Principal Shen’s weekly newsletter
  • Update your Email Profile
Financial Support ─ We support programs, projects, field trips, Freshmen Orientation, grants to the Jr. High and High Schools, student scholarships and student directories.
Speaker Forums ─ Our annual speaker series provides forums for students, parents, faculty and the community. The ABRPTSO works closely with the school administration and other community organizations to identify topics of most interest and relevance to our community.
INTERFACE Referral Service ─ this mental-health and wellness referral help line connects people of all ages to mental health providers. Due to our contract with INTERFACE, the service is free to Acton and Boxborough residents. More information is available here.

Kavitha Manikandan and Susan He

ABRHS Principal's Blog

ABRHS Principal JoAnn Campbell shares her thoughts and information about the high school through her blog, Principal Thoughts.
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Wellness Week Activities (April 10th-13th, 2017)

In support of A-B's overall focus on Wellness and with the planning and coordination of several dedicated students and staff members, this week has been declared Wellness Week. The goal is to highlight a different area of wellness each day and to have interested student groups run related activities.

Monday 4/10: Play: Students are invited to join the Ambassadors in the lower gym during all lunches to play a variety of games.

Tuesday 4/11: Mindfulness: Students can join The Wellness Club in the cafeteria during all lunches to do some mindful coloring and to write notes of gratitude to people who are important to them. There will also be yoga and mindfulness workshops during these periods.

Wednesday 4/12: The Day of Silence: Students can join Common Ground in participating in The Day of Silence. This is a day of action in which students across the country vow to participate in a form of silence to call attention to the silencing effect of anti-LGBTQ bullying and harassment in schools. Students can participate by signing a silence pledge or by wearing purple or an Erase Hate bracelet.

Thursday 4/13: Health and Fitness Day: Teachers are being encouraged to bring their classes and join the Physical Education Department throughout the day up at Leary Field and Dow Track track to participate in a variety of activities such as Zumba, frisbee, soccer, and walking.  Also, as part of the Teen Driving Program, there will also be a distracted driving simulator set up for students to try.

Graduation Volunteers Needed

High school graduation is on Friday, June 2nd and the PTSO is looking for ushers to help from 4-7 p.m. that evening. There will be two shifts, 4-5:30 and 4-6:45. We would like to have some dads, too!
If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Stacy Harris.

Make a Difference and Join the PTSO Board!

The AB Parent Teacher Organization has open board positions for the 2017/2018 school year. New members will be trained by current board members.

2017-2018 ABRPTSO Board Open Positions

Newcomers Welcome (JH) Works with school principal to provide information to new parents entering the Acton-Boxborough school system.  May facilitate evening meeting for new parents and can act as a resource for the exchange of info to new parents.
HS Volunteer Coordinator Coordinates volunteers for activities and events organized by the High School and the PTSO.
Interschool Council In addition to existing Interschool Council chair, serves as ABRPTSO representative(s) at meetings scheduled by the School Superintendent; Provides meeting summaries to the ABRPTSO Board.
School Committee Liaison Attends AB School Committee (SC) meetings as allowed; Provides meeting assessments to the ABRPTSO Board. Will be one of team of 5 or 6 members who take turns attending the SC meetings and report back.
Junior High:  Coordinates refreshments and/or assist with various events, including:  JH Back to School Night, JH teacher "thank you" luncheon (December - typically last conference day before Dec break) , Spring 8th Grade Dance, and JH teacher "thank you" luncheon (June - last day of school)
High School:  Coordinates two teacher appreciation breakfasts (one in December and one in June)
(shadow position for 2017-18)
Keeps accurate record of receipts and expenditures; Manages and pays out the funds of ABRPTSO in accordance with decisions of the Board; Prepares Budget summaries for PTSO meetings; Works with Chairperson(s) to come up with budget for following school year, etc.
(shadow position for 2017-18)
Coordinates online portal for membership dues; Prepares monthly membership reports for ABRPTSO Board; Prepares and sends membership reminders throughout the school year as necessary.
(shadow position for 2017-18)
Responsible for the 6 garden planters around HS campus. Need to be filled 2-3 times a year with plants.
Please contact Padmini Narayan, ABRPTSO Nominations Chair, if you are interested in any of these positions or if you would like to learn more about these positions.

Across the Board

Across the Board: Life at ABRHS is the school's news website containing write-ups and photos of some of the many school activities. Click here to see the latest goings on.

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