Welcome to the PTSO!
The PTSO (Parent Teacher Student Organization) includes representatives from both the Acton-Boxborough Regional High School and RJ Grey Junior High School. Our mission is to serve the schools in the following ways:

Communication ─ We interact directly with the home, school, school committee and community through email newsletters
  • Sign up for the Junior High & High School Weekly Chatter, that tell you everything you need to know about the upcoming school week with a separate edition for each school
  • Sign up for Grey Matters, Junior High Principal Shen’s weekly newsletter
  • Update your Email Profil
Financial Support ─ Your donations provide students with extended afternoon library staffing, Agendas & folders for all 900 RJG students, Wellness Initiatives, Window Seat, Student Leadership Conferences, Career Speakers/Author Visits, Senior Scholarships, Freshman Orientation and Student Directories. 
Speaker Forums ─ Our annual speaker series provides forums for students, parents, faculty and the community. The ABRPTSO works closely with the school administration and other community organizations to identify topics of most interest and relevance to our community.
INTERFACE Referral Service ─ this mental-health and wellness referral help line connects people of all ages to mental health providers. Due to our contract with INTERFACE, the service is free to Acton and Boxborough residents. More information is available here.

Deanne O'Sullivane

Calendar of Events

Project Graduation: WE DID IT!

THANK YOU! WE DID IT! But we didn't do it alone. The efforts for the Rolling Rally were a gigantic collaboration with the school district, the PTSO, Acton and Boxborough Police and Fire, and the Boxborough Regency Hotel and Conference Center. It's important for the community to know that all those hands were a part of making it happen! Special thanks to everyone who came out to cheer on the grads. The Rally was the most brilliant display of a community making lemonade out of lemons during a pandemic! Seniors and senior families now have full hearts. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! The love is loud and proud in our community! 
And now, we have the pictures to prove it! Our talented squad of volunteer photographers and assistants captured the happy faces of grads and their families. Find the photos here on Facebook.
Congratulations to all the students honored at last Thursday's Scholarship Awards Ceremony. The Class of 2020 has already made their mark in this community and we are so excited to see what you do next!
We wound up this special season with a Graduation Ceremony honoring the Class of 2020. A link to AB's first-ever virtual commencement, which was streamed and broadcast this past Friday night, will be made available on the high school's web site this week. 
Stay up to date with ABRHS Project Graduation on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter, and visit our website.

Graduation News and Information

Graduation Issue of The Spectrum
View the Virtual Graduation Ceremony for the ABRHS Class of 2020
The Virtual Graduation Ceremony was aired live on Friday, June 12. A link to the recording of the ceremony will be available on the main page of the A-B website early this week. There will also be a link to the graduation program with the names and future plans of the graduates.

New Racial & Social Justice Resources Website 

ABRHS librarian Anna Secino has built a website compiling resources about racial and social justice issues, starting with Black Lives Matter. The site will be expanding to include resources about racism towards other groups of people, LGBTQIA+, and more. If you have resources to share or any questions, please email asecino@abschools.org.  Click here to view the site.

Ride for Food: Off the Beaten Path Fundraiser for the Acton Food Pantry

Last year the Acton Food Pantry distributed over 300,000 pounds of food to residents of Acton and its contiguous towns - Boxborough, Concord, Carlisle, Littleton, Maynard, Stow and Westford. The Acton Food Pantry has seen a 20-30% increase in first time clients this spring and their reach has broadened beyond our local community.  In April they served an average of 293 households per week and distributed an astonishing 61,000 pounds of food in 10 days!
You and your family can help support Acton Food Pantry by participating in Three Squares New England's Ride For Food: Off the Beaten Path! You can choose to complete your preferred activities - bike, spin, run, walk, hike, kayak, etc. - wherever and whenever you like. This new format allows you to raise funds for the pantry on your own time and in the environment where you feel comfortable! 
Create your own team or join the Acton Food Pantry Team! Visit bit.ly/RFFOffBeatenPath or Acton Food Pantry's website for more information and to register! 

Looking for Virtual Volunteer Positions for AB Students

With many students unable to volunteer on site due to social distancing, we are looking for virtual volunteer positions to post on the ABRHS volunteer opportunities website page.  Do you work for an agency or organization that is in need of student volunteers?  Please contact Bobbie Chiauzzi at rchiauzzi@abschools.org to post your virtual volunteer position or click here to fill out the Volunteer Request Form.  You can also find this link under the ABRHS Community Service webpage.  Please feel free to contact Bobbie if you have any questions.

Join our Team - ABRPTSO Open Positions!

The Acton-Boxborough Regional Parent Teacher Student Organization (ABRPTSO) is looking for Board Members for the upcoming academic year - see position listings below.  Board Members are elected for one year terms each spring.  Nominations for the 2020-2021 Board are open and will be voted on at the June 8th meeting. Please contact Sonal Goel, ABRPTSO Nominations Chair, at sonalgoel@gmail.com if you are interested in any of the vacant positions, or if you would like to learn more.  Come join our great group of parent volunteers!
Co-Chair Deanne O'Sullivan
Secretary Bridget Matz
Treasurer Vacant
Directories Priva Ramanan
Gardening Co-Chairs Vacant (2)
Communications Laura-Jean Hickey
Newcomer Welcome (JH) Tracey Estabrook
Volunteer Coordinators Veena Kamath (JH & HS)
Inter-school Council Ezili Mayo-Joseph
School Committee Liaisons Zuzka Blasi & Christine Russell
Membership Co-Chairs Karen Pierce & Maria Parodos
Nominations Sonal Goel
Hospitality HS: Beatriz de Condes
JH: Tracey Estabrook & Durga Nirgudkar
Forums Laura-Jean Hickey
Webmaster Vacant

  • Collect and deposit all monies of ABRPTSO
  • Keep accurate record of receipts and expenditures
  • Manage and pay out the funds of ABRPTSO in accordance with decisions of the Board
  • File tax return according to state and national guidelines
  • For each meeting, prepare a Year-to-Date Budget Summary and check register of ABRPTSO for review distributed these reports to the board members prior to the meeting
  • Prepare a proposed budget for the following school year, review it with the Chairperson(s), and distribute it to the board members prior to the meeting in May, when the proposed or amended budget will be voted on
  • Make ABRPTSO's account books open to the inspection of the Membership
  • Updates ABRPTSO website on a weekly or as-needed basis
Gardening Co-Chairs
  • Oversees seasonal planting and maintenance of seven planters around the high school
  • Recruit student volunteers 
  • Supervise seniors during Senior Service Day in May as they weed and mulch garden beds at the school, and coordinate student volunteers who water the planters
Contact Nominations Chair, Sonal Goel, at sonalgoel@gmail.com for more information.  Visit our website to learn more.

Food Service Information

Dear Parents and Guardians,
In collaboration with the towns, we would like to provide you with information pertaining to food assistance and emergency funding for families in our community. While this may not apply to your family, many of you know others who are in need across the community and may benefit from this information.
Click HERE for community resources.
A-B United Way is eager to reach all families who might need financial support during the recovery period and economic crisis.  Information can be found here: COVID-19 Emergency grants. 
Here is an update from our Food Service Department:
We are providing breakfast and lunch each day for curbside pick up at the A-B High School Monday-Friday from 11:30-1:00. Families do not need to be on free and reduced meals to come and get meals. No ID is required.
Meals for Curbside Pickup: June 1 - 29, 2020:
We will offer meals for curbside pickup Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week through June 29th. The pick up location will change from the main entrance of the High School to the entrance on the Hayward Road side of the High School by the High School Auditorium. (Near the Gazebo)
At this time we are awaiting a waiver for approval to continue to provide meals throughout the summer. We will send out information once we know if we can continue to serve all summer long. For now, we will be providing meals through June 29th.
Exciting News! We received a grant from the USDA Farm to Families Program and will be distributing fresh produce boxes once a week with the lunches to families of 2 or more. This week was our first week distributing the produce boxes and families were excited to receive them.
Additionally, we are offering our Community the ability to order food online at near wholesale prices for curbside pick up at the RJ Grey Junior High School. 
We have set up a pre ordering system (THIS IS THE LAST WEEK TO ORDER) for food for curbside pick up at the loading dock or the side door entrance of the Junior High every Wednesday from 3:00-5:00 pm. Once you have placed your order you will receive an email on Wednesday with your pick up location assignment. Please be sure to go to the proper location as we presort orders based on your assigned location.
  • Produce boxes containing an assortment of fresh fruits and vegetables. (Must order by noon on Mondays)
  • Local Sustainable Fish from Red's Best! Choice of Salmon, Sea Scallops or Haddock in one pound packages. 
  • Premium Butcher Cut Meat Boxes are available until we sell out each week.
  • Boar's Head Deli Meats in 1/2 pound packages.
  • Frozen foods
  • Snacks
We hope this online ordering and curbside pick up will be helpful for you and save you a trip to the grocery store!  
I would like to take this opportunity to thank our staff and Neighbor Brigade Volunteers for all of their efforts in order to provide meals for our families during this uncertain time. Seniors....we congratulate you and wish you the best in all that lies ahead for each of you. 
If you have any questions feel free to reach out to lunchonline@abschools.org
Kirsten Nelson
Food Service Director
Acton-Boxborough Regional Schools

Breaking Down the College Application

On June 3, the Counseling Department sponsored an information session on the college application process. Participants included ABRHS counselors and two college admissions counselors. The recording of this program can be viewed at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pIncgJzOGKk&feature=youtu.be.

Summer School Registration-- All virtual offerings!

Join us at AB Summer school online! Summer School 2020 dates are Monday, June 29th - Thursday, August 6th for six-week classes and Monday, June 29th - Friday, July 23rd for summer physical education classes. A full range of Enrichment, Remedial and Test Prep courses include: Jr. High & HS English, Creative Writing, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, SAT Prep & Physical Education.
Edgenuity Online courses include: Art History, Financial Math, Digital Arts, Strategies for Academic Success and more! Course offerings and other information can be found on the AB Summer School website. Email absummer@abschools.org with questions!

Community Ed Virtual Courses

During this most difficult time, Community Ed is making an effort to find alternatives to the classroom setting. We are pleased to announce that the following class will be held virtually via Zoom or a similar platform. Registration for these and other classes is open and ongoing. More information for each course can be found by clicking on the registration link or by visiting the Community Ed Website or reach out to Luanne Flood at lflood@abschools.org.
Programming at Home, Mark Sobkowicz. Monday-Thursday, 6/29-7/16.
This three-week programming class will be all online, with a whole group meeting beginning and ending each day and time for individual and small group help in between. Course code: PROGRAMMING
SAT Chemistry Test Prep, Michael Romano, ABRHS Chemistry Teacher. 7/23-8/27 Course Code: SATCHEM
College Application Workshops, ABRHS Teachers. 8 Sessions June-August! Course Code: CAPP
Athletic Advantage to College Admissions, Aaron Ladd, College Solutions. 8/27. Course Code: ATHLETIC
Open Door Education Classes:
We have been working with Open Door to provide a myriad of programs for high school students this summer. Information about each workshop can be found on our website using the Course Code links.
ACT Crash Course, Tuesday-Thursday 7/7-7/16
ACT Practice Test, Tuesday 8/11
SAT Crash Course, Monday-Thursday 7/27-7/30
SAT Math Intensive Test Prep, Monday-Thursday, 7/23-8/27
SAT Practice Test, Tuesday, 7/21

Summer Reading Suggestions for Students and Parents

The ABRHS English Department and ABRHS Library have compiled lists of summer reading suggestions which might be of interest to high school students and their families. Here is the link to the page which has the YA and Staff Recommendation lists as well as other resources and tips for summer reading.

Wondering About Access to Mental Health Services?

INTERFACE Referral Service is a mental health resource and referral Helpline that helps children, adults and families, in subscribing communities, become connected with mental health and wellness resources. INTERFACE Referral Service looks forward to continuing to help residents of Acton & Boxborough find a successful match with an outpatient mental health provider in their area, who is able to see them at a convenient time, takes their insurance or meets their fee requirement, as well as meets their clinical needs. Please call the William James College INTERFACE Helpline at 617-332-3666 Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm, for resource information and/or provider referrals from a mental health professional. Please also review the very extensive website at http://interface.williamjames.edu for additional information about the service, as well as resources on mental health and wellness across the lifespan.

What's Going on at A-B?

AB Snapshots is a site with photos and descriptions of some of the current events and activities at A-B, month by month. Use the link above to access the site now, or use the link on the ABRHS home page any time.

Counseling Department Communications

What else is going on at A-B?
For photos and news briefs about goings on at Acton-Boxborough, check out AB Snapshots  
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